Things Grow

So there I was, wondering what I should do after the successive bludgeoning of storms and winds. In my mind, I was pretty sure about the state of my tiny urban garden — a state of calamity. And I was right.

The ground was covered with leaves from the anciet macopa tree. Weeds are all over the place. But behind those unsightly sights, they were still standing. The habanero and jalapeƱo peppers are flowering, the herb patio are intact, the tomatoes, surprisingly, are still upright. It was an uplifting sight that whatever happens, there will always be a silver lining behind every cloud, stormy or fluffy.

Since summer started, a lot of things have been growing, aside from the expiration of my marigolds, zinnias and cosmos. My lone cucumber plant has been flowering like crazy but crazy as it is, all flowers are male. So no cucumbers for me yet.

Unfortunate male cucumber flowers.

Peppers have fruited. The beans I have flowered before the storm and now, they are beans! My herb patio is doing great. My two basil crates are overflowing with basil, and the bay plant that I purchased about 2 months ago just started to finally sprout.

A green bean flower.

Green beans.

Overflowing with basil.

The bay plant has started to grow.

The progress may have been slow, but everything is sure. I think this is one lesson that my garden taught me. And it seems like my professor and my garden has something common to say: It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.

Our cute 3-week old persian kittens.

Our cute 3-week old persian kittens.

And the same goes with our persian kittens. The mother just gave birth about 3 weeks ago and oh how fast they’ve grown. They are not in their incredibly cute and irresistible stage.

Happy farming everyone!